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Paolo Crepaldi

Professional Hair Stylist and Hair Beauty Consultant

Paolo lives and works for Hairstylist and Personal Beauty in Italy and abroad. He attended the best academies and formed himself in highly-qualified salons where has could consolidate his style. Will, determination and innate curiosity combined with a diligent search for excellence form the keystone to his capabilities as a Hairstylist. Paolo, with his talent in transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary, has become first a lecturer then a stylist in companies like Revlon, allowing him to scale onto the most important stages of national and international Hair Shows. The roots of his constitutive course go deep into the international panorama, gaining high level experience enriched with intensive Training Sessions in some of the most important national salons.

Paolo draws inspiration from training and creative image method conceived and developed during years of experience. It’s strong point is a constant evolution, a growth based on the interaction between professionals in the world of communicationcommercial and artistic photography as well as the numerous contributions with specialised figures in the world of fashion such as stylists and makeup artists.

The method of Paolo has an end result in organising, adapting and inventing new formsvolumes and movements in the world of Hairstyling. It is achieved by the design and construction of stylistic guidelines which have resulted from the technical knowledge and artistic inspiration of its creators.

The method of Paolo does not live just by aesthetic qualities, but aims to understand and bring out many ethical and anthropological values.

Today, he dedicates himself with energy, passion and tenacity, in search of a wider interpretation the art of hair stylist.